SureLock M&P Waist Belt

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Model: SLMP
NSN: Not yet assigned

The SureLock M&P Waist Belt integrates high-strength Ballistic Nylon and two stainless steel braided cords for maximum durability and safety. The device is secured in the back using a proprietary lockable Main Buckle. Two cut-resistant tethers attached to our proprietary UniLock device allow for one-way restricted movement. All locks are released with a standard handcuff key.
When control matters, Officers and medical personnel can count on SureLock to provide the highest level of security, performance,and usability in the controlled restraining of prisoners, detainees, and medical patients.
  • Fits 29-50″ waist
  • Cut-resistant Ballistic Nylon with non-slip inner-belt fabric integrated with two stainless steel braided cords
  • Cut-resistant one-inch, 1000-lb test, Nylon tethers integrated with stainless steel braided cords
  • Tethers extendable to 15″
  • Cut-resistant, two-inch, Nylon seat belt strap integrated with stainless steel braided cords
  • Proprietary lockable Main Buckle
  • Two proprietary UniLock devices
  • UniLocks come standard in Gun Metal; also available in High-Visibility Yellow (HVY)
  • Peerless® M700C carbon steel, nickel-plated handcuffs (NIJ approved)
  • Two standard handcuff keys
  • Storage Bag
  • User Guide
Price: $485.00