Products and Purchase

Q: Are BodyCuff Restraints still manufactured?

A: No.  The SureLock Restraint System replaced the BodyCuff Universal Restraint January 2015.  Although the BodyCuff was a terrific restraint system, it has not been updated for over 25 years and used outdated manufacturing technology .  The SureLock system was designed with three objectives:  1) Keep the same form and functionality as the BodyCuff, yet utilize newer manufacturing technology; 2)  Incorporate cut-resistance into the unit thereby increasing security for Officer and Subject; 3) offer a soft-cuff version that utilizes the same UniLock on the Waist Belt for the wrist restraint.

The SureLock has exceeded those objectives with the following enhanced features :

Cut-Resistant:  Stainless steel cords are now embedded throughout the Waist Belt, making the units 100% cut-resistant.  The stainless steel cords are incorporated into the 2-inch main buckle strapping and the 1-inch hand tethers.  The Medical version also has the 1-inch, cut-resistant strapping around the Neoprene cuff for added strength & security.

Better Quality, Precise Parts and Materials:  All the metal parts of the SureLock UniLocks are stainless steel, laser cut, and heat-treated for precision and durability.  The main fabrics on the Waist Belt are Cordura Ballistic material offering higher grade fabric for durability and washability.

Medical Soft Cuff:  The SureLock now offers a soft-cuff made from Neoprene that utilizes the same proprietary UniLocks found on the Waist Belt.  The soft cuff is also cut-resistant and used a standard handcuff key to unlock.

Main Buckle:  The Main Buckle is a closed systems which not only unfastens the strap from the belt, but also allows for one-way adjustment to fit securely around a Subjects waist (range 29-inches to 50-inches).  The main strap will not tangle or jam the Main Buckle as could happen with the former BodyCuff units, and the Main Buckle will not jam if put into the tongue up-side down as is the case with the BodyCuff.

30% Less Weight:  The SureLock Restraint System (Model SLMP1), with all the enhancements and added security features weighs 4.1-pounds (1.8 kg).  The comparable BodyCuff system (Model BC100) weighed  5.8-pounds (2.6 kg), or a 30% reduction in weight.

Q: Can I purchase directly from LTL Vantage?

A: Yes. All products can be purchased directly from LTL Vantage via this website for customers within the US and Canada. For customers located outside the US and Canada, an Export License is required and can be obtained within 4-6 weeks. Please see full Export requirements on the “Contact” tab. Alternatively, international customers can order through one of our preferred distributors listed under the “Contact” tab.

Q: Can I get a Testing and Evaluation Unit?

A: Yes. LTL Vantage provides a thirty-day T&E unit free of charge. We will provide the SureLock M&P Full Restraint System for your agency’s evaluation upon request. For more information, call us at 917.699.3575 or send us an email to

Q: Does LTL Vantage buy older units?

A: Yes. LTL Vantage will credit your account for older units received for newer units purchased. The credit is minor as we do not re-sell older /used units; they are destroyed.

Care & Maintenance

Q: How do I clean or disinfect SureLock restraints?

A:   All SureLock Restraints should be cleaned and if required, decontaminated after every use.  A decontamination / disinfectant kit is available (Model: DeCon) and includes: one pair safety glasses, 5 pair Nitrile gloves, 5 biohazard bags, and two 4.0 fluid ounce spray bottles filled with hospital-grade formula to kill blood-borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B/C, E-coli, tuberculosis, HIV, H1N1, norovirus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salonella enterica, and other bacteria, viruses, and fungi/molds/mildews.

In addition, the SureLock waist belts and leg restraints can be cleaned with a mild soap and water mixture in tepid water for “normal” washing of dirt and grim. Soft scrubbing of the units is recommended to remove dirt and grim. Hand and eye protection is highly recommended. Hang the unit to air-dry only.  Do not place in a mechanical dryer.  Please follow proper cleaning techniques for handcuffs &/or leg irons issued by individual handcuff companies.

Q: The straps are fraying and fuzzy. What can I do?

A: The Nylon tethers connecting the SureLock Waist Belt to the handcuffs and the Nylon straps for the leg restraints will show signs of fraying with use, especially along the edges. The use of a small flame quickly over the affected area will remove the accumulated “fuzz.”

Q: What can I do for restraint maintenance?

A: While SureLock restraints are designed and manufactured to take abuse, avoid harsh treatment and store properly after use. Restraints should receive regular care and maintenance. Inspect them frequently. Keep the handcuff, UniLock devices, Main Buckle ratchets, and keyholes free of dirt, lint or other foreign substances which may hinder proper functioning.

When unlocking your restraint be careful not to torque the key guide post. This will loosen the post causing it to fall out. Also, be careful not to over rotate the key causing the key flag to break off or become stuck in the locking mechanism. Use extra caution when using oversize keys.

When possible carry your restraints in their protective storage bags to reduce exposure to outside elements. If exposed to moisture or water (rain), let the unit air-dry thoroughly. Most importantly, dry the inside locking mechanisms. Use a hair dryer if necessary to force moisture out of the lock cavity. Avoid temperatures above 300° Fahrenheit.

Training or Certification Courses

Q: Does LTL Vantage offer SureLock training?

A: LTL Vantage does not offer training or certification courses directly. However, we recommend Salus Consulting as an excellent source for various training classes. For more information, see Salus Consulting on the “Contact” tab or email them directly at

Warranty and Repair

Q: Can my SureLock restraint be repaired?

A: LTL Vantage has a lifetime warranty for manufacture defects, and a one-year limited warranty. If your SureLock Restraint is not working properly, it most likely can be repaired. LTL Vantage will repair or replace any unit covered under warranty at no charge. If the repair is not covered under warranty, a representative will contact you after inspecting the unit with information on the repair.