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SureLock Restraints

LTL Vantage, Inc. continues to lead in the advancement of restraint devices for military and law enforcement with our next generation product, SureLock™, bringing true cut-resistant technology to the restraint market.

SureLock replaces our leading BodyCuff™ restraint system, expanding upon its superior functionality to include important new features.

US Patent: US D759901S1

Important New Features:

* Cut-Resistant design integrates high-strength Ballistic Nylon with an embedded stainless steel braided cord for maximum durability, safety, and 100% cut-resistant.

* Streamlined, high-visibility, UniLock locking mechanism provides easy access for greater control and flexibility.

* By simply pulling the tether handles, escorting personnel can retract a Subject’s movement to any degree up to the point of immobilization without compromising a Subject’s health and safety – ensuring safe transportation and processing for all.

* New Medical version integrates Neoprene™ medical cuffs with our UniLock technology, enabling medical personnel to now easily secure patients with a single universal handcuff key.

When Control Matters, Officers and medical personnel can count on SureLock to provide the highest level of security, performance, and usability in the controlled restraining of prisoners, detainees, and patients.