SureLock Waist Belt Nomenclature (M&P and Medical Belts)
This link identifies the part names of the M&P and Medical Waist Belts.
Main Buckle Operation
How to properly operate the Main Buckle:  Lock, Un-Lock, Adjust length.
The Versatility of the SureLock Restraint System (escorting, eating, fingerprinting)
Never release the Subject from the handcuffs while performing tasks such as eating, fingerprinting, bathroom facilities, etc.
How to Apply the SureLock Waist Belt and Leg Restraint on a Compliant Subject
This link describes a way to attached the Waist Belt &/or Leg Restraint to a Compliant Subject.
How to Apply the SureLock Restraint System to a Handcuffed Subject
This link tells you how to transition a Handcuffed Subject into the SureLock Waist Belt and Leg Restraint.
Optional Ways to Apply SureLock Handcuffs on a Subject
This link shows different methods of applying the handcuffs on the SureLock Waist Belt to a Subject.
How to Care and Maintain your SureLock Restraint
How to properly clean, care, store, and maintain your SureLock Waist Belt and Leg Restraint.